Kewii’s products are amazing! Her readings are magick in themselves- and to watch her work is a radiating experience! kewii does NOT sugarcoat it, though. So, word to the weak energies, sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes the universe will show or tell us things we don’t want to see in ourselves. If you cannot open yourself to the good the bad and the ugly within yourself, please do not take out any insecurities on Miss Kewii. She is the best and deserves every bit respect and money she has earned 

Jessica Pace
Facebook client
I highly recommend Kewii! She has amazing energy and keeps it real. Her products are fantastic and she always knows exactly what you need, when you need it.
Deborah Grubbs-Campbell
Facebook client
Ms Kewii is Absolutly the most caring selfless person I have met, her readings are to die for, spot on on every single one I’ve had thus far, and her product’s... don’t even get me started! Everything’s hand made and if she doesn’t make it herself she tells you exactly where what who and how! I’m lucky enough to have been welcomed into her tribe thank you Ms Kewii for EVERYTHING YOU DO and continue to do for all of us!
Michelle DeMand
Facebook client

I love Kewii’s spirit; she’s sweet real straight to the point and definitely accurate with her readings. Then her products; I love them; I’ve used her soaps, incense, rub on oils, sage. She gifted me with some beautiful earrings . Her products are the truth and using themI was personally working on my Selflove and so much changed with that; then getting readings from her clarified my growth. Thank you Kewii for everything as well as her family working side by side with her. You all a greatly appreciated.

Queene ReNe
Facebook client

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